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Marc von Schilling and Golf is a long chapter. Packed with lots of great stories and experiences. Associated with many friendships with wonderful people! No day of golf was boring because the sport offers so much. The nature itself, the different landscape designs of the golf courses around the world fascinate me again and again. I've seen places that are so breathtaking that you can't forget them and are worth a lot to remember. The movement, the independence from the weather, the preparation for the shot and the excitement of whether the planned works or not, makes golf and the game never boring. The decision to quit my studies and start training as a PGA professional in Europe's largest golf resort was therefore not a difficult decision for me. And they are in luck, because otherwise the Pocket Pro product and all its positive side effects would never have been created. For example the business partnership with the man on my right ......... Peter Schinnerl!


In contrast to Marc and Golf, Peter Schinnerl and Golf is a short but intense love. My parents would definitely describe me as crazy about sports. Every ball sport was tried out and celebrated over the years. So now, while playing golf, I meet long companions who have accompanied me in my great passion, football. Until 3 years ago I didn't know how beautiful this sport can be and how many wonderful encounters can arise on the golf course. I have already made many great friendships through this great love. But in the end it was coincidence that brought me here. I owe my decision to try golf to my long-time physiotherapist Marco. In the end, it was he who gave me the idea during one of my numerous muscle treatments. He said I should take it a little easier and I'll definitely enjoy golf. No sooner said than done and so I got my golf license with a certain Marc von Schilling, the man on my left! The rest is probably the beginning of a dream that was allowed to become a reality!