shows you how simple and easy the Pocket Pro gives you the perfect body center. From this center you can control now YOUR ball position, club face alignment, targeting and swing direction. As easy as clever! The Pocket Pro!

How does the Pocket Pro work?

the easy handling of the pocket pro is just one thing its many advantages.

Marc and Marco will show you how EASY THE USE OF THE POCKET PRO IS!

the basics of long and short game

In these videos, Marc and Marco demonstrate to you how easy it is to train the various basic stroke types in golf with the Pocket Pro! Have fun imitating...

The Pocket Pro on the green

At the end you will find the Basic Putt video.

Have fun practicing!

the Pocket Pro and the simplicity of being

In this video you can see how easy it is to use the Pocket Pro! Practical, quick and easy - this is how you imagine golf training! Go OUT AND play, your bro is always by your side

The company Eye Golf was founded in Austria in 2021 and consists of the two golf maniacs Marc and Peter. The company researches and develops golf training tools and subsequently golf putters and golf clothing. The products are all designed and made in Austria. The first chainbreaking product is the Pocket Pro. A new golf training tool, which has become an absolute must have if you are interested in knowing all basics with just one simple and clever tool in no time. Eye Golf will continue to focus its development on golf training tools over the next few years, but will also open up new segments - the revolution in golf putters is on the way... The main focus is for sure to keep the production in austria. This is the only way we can guarantee that the quality remains excellent. Just Made in Austria. We love, what we do! See you(r) swing