The Pocket Pro can show you the Golf Basics, which you need for EVERY shot, in seconds. It shows you your center, which is the most important thing for basic control!



The company Eye Golf has managed to develop a golf training tool that combines the advantages of 3 training tools in one form. Depending on which control you need, the pocket format makes it possible to access them immediately, no matter where you are. So you don't have to carry 3 tools with you and you have your hands free for other things.

The advantages of the lines:

A line helps you align perfectly with the goal. So you can see and feel what it means to stand parallel. With the other line you can automatically determine your body center and ball position. This is important for the different ball positions, especially in the short game. This gives you the optimal flight altitude for every game situation and saves you a lot of strokes.

Advantages of the hula hoop:
The hula hoop shows you how to turn the body correctly. An important component in starting the golf swing. This keeps the swing constant and prevents swing error No. 1, the Sway! (Pushing the hip). With the circle in the Pocket Pro you can easily divide the turning movement. This improves distance control in the short game.

Additional advantages:
With the Pocket Pro you can adjust the swing direction of the club correctly. That prevents slice and hook. You can better perceive the weight shift and keep your balance. So you don't wobble and hit the ball more firmly. Bring your club face better in position and thus your balls on target. Check your divots with the Pocket Pro and improve your ball contact. Use the Pocket Pro as a fixed point and keep your head still and central while swinging. This way you improve the moment of impact, even when putting. You may find other things to optimize your shot.

For whom is it suitable:
From beginners to professionals. Anyone can use it. One can learn, improve or control. Everyone takes what he / she needs. It also offers you a lot of exercises, makes your training interesting and varied. This improves your game on the golf course and saves you strokes. 

And the most important thing is: everyone can use it!

Whether beginner or professional, senior or child, woman or man, the pocket pro knows no difference!

For which strokes is it suitable:

The Pocket Pro helps you with: #Putt #Chip #Pitch #IRON #WOOD #Driver - It even takes the difficulty out of the dreaded #Trouble-Shots or special hits.

What makes the Pocket Pro so special:

You carry the Pocket Pro like a pitch fork comfortably and easily in your pocket. That is exactly the uniqueness! So you can feel its advantages in use anywhere, anytime. The Pocket Pro offers you a variety of important basic requirements. Not many training tools can do that. And none is so practical to take with you. A "3 in 1 tool to go". The Pocket Pro does not interfere your training, nor does it interfere your hitting. Nevertheless it offers you the full effectiveness, for which he was made! That makes him a pleasant training partner.

Do not forget! Golf is a target sport:
With a look at the Pocket Pro, you can really see exactly where you are aiming. This is irreplaceable if you want to hit your target. With the Pocket Pro you will learn what it means visually and emotionally to stand parallel to the goal! if If you change direction with the Pocket Pro, you will see how the middle changes at the same time changes. In this way, you can quickly and safely learn the right move on the pitch to react correctly to quick tactical changes of direction. That prevents mistakes.

We discovered that his uncomplicated way of communicating technology also makes him suitable for children. He shows more than he talks. Fun during training and games is guaranteed. So nothing would stand in the way of a great career at an early age.

Last but not least:
Now even little or no trainers have the unique opportunity to train, although they generally reject training or training equipment. A small toss out of your pocket while playing is enough to check the target alignment and ball position. At the least with your first birdie (schnapps) on the round you will notice the wonderful effect of a little training with the Pocket Pro. Maybe this creates a love at first sight for a special kind of training ... the Pocket Pro is charming enough for that!

The Pocket Pro revolutionizes training in a very pleasant way. Your game will benefit explosively!

Pocket Pro WITH Ball Marker

Pocket Pro with Marker (Clipped Out)

The genesis of the pocket Pro

Let's put it this way..... the idea for Pocket Pro came because the size of the alignment sticks in my lessons as a PGA Pro often led to problems. First of all, I didn't always have it at hand, which annoyed me especially in the short game, since the position of the ball is a key factor in the success of the stroke. Second, when hitting balls, many of my students were often bothered by the size, and they were quickly removed. So the idea of ​​a downsizing was born. Of course, the pocket size was an issue right away. And it was also implemented. Since I like to use the hula hoop as a rotation aid in class, a circle was integrated in the center. With the Pocket Pro, I no longer have any problems in class in terms of grip, functionality and disruptive effects. I always have it at hand and my students are correctly aligned all by themselves, without my help. This also solves many swing problems. When it lies there it is not put away. That's he was made for. So the practical pocket format works!

Mobile control in training is a new priority in golf. A new aspect that you have to realize first. Especially in short games, where the conventional alignment sticks are not always at hand, the quick, uncomplicated control works wonders. Only the Pocket Pro can do that. Many already have it and are enthusiastic. There are golfers who already call him "Pocket Bro". So pro & buddy. There must be reasons.

The Pocket Pro is.......

more practical to transport

quicker to hand

easier to use 

and simply a good partner

now you can decide what you want to use next. Whether Pocket Pro alone or in combination with alignment sticks. Everything is possible. The important thing is that it has to be easy to do it regularly does. Try it out. We think you might like it :) And it's not expensive either.